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Case Study Summary

Client Requirements: 

Help Visualsoft reconfigure their office space towards less desk occupation but an increased demand for spaces for video calling.

Review Highlights: 

  1. Straightforward ordering process
  2. Excellent customer care
  3. Excellent communication throughout
  4. Professional and efficient delivery and installation
  5. Love the booths!

Who is the Client?

Visualsoft, a leading digital agency, specialises in delivering comprehensive eCommerce and digital marketing solutions. With a focus on innovation and customer success, Visualsoft empowers businesses to thrive in the competitive online marketplace.

Changing Workplace Requirements

The COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally transformed how and where work is conducted, accelerating the adoption of hybrid work models that blend remote and on-site work. 

This shift has highlighted the demand for office environments that can accommodate both individual and collaborative tasks and as workplace dynamics have continued to evolve, Visualsoft recognised the need to make their office space more adaptable and efficient. 

What was key for Visualsoft was the importance of creating a flexible workspace that supports productivity, collaboration, and employee well-being, aligning their offices with  a decrease in traditional desk occupation and an increased need for spaces designed for video calls and virtual meetings.

Experience with MEAVO’s phone booths:

“Our experience was seamless…and – of course – we love the booths!”

Rachel Fawcett, Senior Office Coordinator

Rachel shared Visualsoft’s positive experience throughout the entire process with the MEAVO office phone booths. They appreciated the straightforward ordering procedure  and that once the order was placed, Visualsoft was kept informed at every stage.

The delivery and installation team demonstrated professionalism and efficiency, ensuring a smooth implementation and “…the customer care was excellent.”  

Most importantly the team at Visualsoft loves the booths, which have become an integral part of their office setup.

Benefits of Integrating Office Phone Booths

The value of MEAVO’s office phone booths was immediately apparent to Visualsoft’s team. While the benefits were anticipated, the practical advantages have greatly exceeded the expectations. MEAVO’s office phone booths have provided essential private spaces for video calls, addressing the growing demand for quiet, focused work areas within the office. This has significantly enhanced workplace efficiency and employee satisfaction, demonstrating the effectiveness of office phone booths in adapting to modern workspace needs.

What Comes Next?

Looking ahead, Visualsoft anticipates continued growth in remote and hybrid working models and as technology continues to advance, the demand for agile, quiet, and private workspaces will only increase. 

In response to the evolving needs of modern workplaces, MEAVO’s range of high-quality office phone booths and meeting pods is designed to provide soundproof, private spaces ideal for video calls, focused work and team meetings.

These office phone booths are a perfect solution for companies like Visualsoft, which require adaptable and efficient office environments. As they are planning to place follow-up orders, we look forward to returning to this amazing company to install the next batch.

If you have any questions about our office phone booths or meeting pods, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

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