Office Phone Booths for the Modern Workplace


Eco-friendly, affordable and built for London.

From £2,399 (list price)

Our phone booths and meeting pods provide a peaceful place in today’s busy open-plan offices & co-working spaces.

“Great soundproofing – the most used furniture in our co-working space!”

Petya, Puzl Co-working

“The quality of your office phone booths is staggeringly high!”

Dominic, Dotted Desks

“These booths have freed up our meeting rooms for actual meetings.”

Ella, Co-founder at Zinc

Fully equipped with all the gadgets you will ever need and available in any exterior colour you like at no extra charge.

Premium Materials

The interior is made of special acoustic felt which contains over 800 recycled plastic bottles per phone booth.

Oak elements add a natural touch.

Fully Equipped

LED light & ultra-silent ventilation, controlled by an occupancy sensor.

Plus a socket, USB ports and a wireless phone charger to keep you topped up all day.


Unrivalled Customisation

Pick any colour (RAL scale) or a premium oak finish – all for free! 

Match your office interior design or get the booth in your brand colours. 

Our range of acoustic office phone booths offers something for every situation – from fully equipped premium pods to affordable solutions for tight spaces.

The Soho

The ultimate office phone booth. Fully equipped with all the gadgets you need for all day use. Available in any colour you like at no extra charge. Free delivery. 

The Camden

Spacious enough to fit up to 4 people. Fully equipped with all the gadgets you need for all day use. Available in any colour you like and with free delivery. 

The Shoreditch

Best for short calls and tight budgets, the Shoreditch phone booths is the low-cost privacy solution for the office. Free delivery and easy self-assembly.

The Hoxton

Great fit for tight spaces. Just mount it to the wall for the occasional quick call in a quiet place. Quick and easy self-assembly. 

Dotted Desks

Puzl CoWorking

We’re doing our bit for the environment, with every single booth shipped.

Over 800 recycled plastic bottles used in each booth.

We donate 2 solar lamps to families in Zambia per office phone booth sold.

We plant 50 trees in Madagascar per booth sold.

Helping you be productive

Office Phone Booths Dos/Don’ts

Office Phone Booths Dos/Don’ts

Since the 2020 pandemic, workplace flexibility and hybrid workspaces have become hot topics in the business world. Allowing employees to work from home provided a crucial relief during unprecedented times.

How To Optimise Your Office with Phone Booths

How To Optimise Your Office with Phone Booths

Office phone booths help to radically increase workspace productivity. From providing a private space for deep work to helping employees to escape distractions, they can do it all. That said, some businesses utilise their office phone booths to a greater extent than others.