The Camden Meeting Pod

The ideal meeting booth for collaborations: available in 2 and 4 person configurations.

Starting from £7,499 + vat incl. free delivery

Starting from £7,499 + vat | Free delivery

Made in Europe · TÜV-SÜD Certified

Step into better meetings with the Camden Meeting Pod

Comfy, soundproofed, and customised to your liking, the Camden Meeting Pod is the ultimate pod for team meetings, group projects and collaboration.


Make every meeting count

Take your Camden Meeting Pod to the next level with our state-of-the-art monitor and conference call system. Whether face-to-face or virtual, you’ll have everything you need to flourish in your next meeting.


No one wants to be stuck in meetings all day. But, if you are, you may as well be super comfy while doing so. Our soft benches will give you the support you need during those endless meetings.

The eco-friendly meeting pod

The acoustic felt of our meeting booths is made of more than 1.000 recycled plastic bottles. For every pod sold we plant 25 trees and donate 2 solar lamps to families in Zambia.

EcoVadis awarded us their Gold medal (top 5% of companies assessed). We are ISO 14001:2015 certified (Environmental management systems).

Quality, safety and sustainability

Our products and manufacturing process meet the highest safety and quality standards. All our materials are sourced responsibly.

Quality, safety and sustainability

Our products and manufacturing process meet the highest safety and quality standards. All our materials are sourced responsibly. 

Choose the perfect size for you. The Camden Meeting Pod is available in 2 and 4 person configurations

Camden Two - perfect for 1:1 meetings

£ 7,499 + vat incl. free delivery

Camden Four - ideal for up to four people

£ 8,499 + vat incl. free delivery

The world’s leading brands choose MEAVO

Step into flexibility,
creativity, and freedom with
our eco-friendly meeting pods

Our meeting pods are fully equipped with a range of tech to keep you in the loop. Keep your team plugged with USB charge ports, sockets, LAN & HDMI ports.

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focus pods that boost workplace productivity

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Flexible office workspaces are the future.
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What is the difference between the Camden Two and the Camden Four Meeting Pods?

The Camden Two meeting pod provides private meeting space for 2 people. It’s best used for those 1-2-1 meetings or quick chats with your colleague or your bestie. The Camden Four has a four-person capacity and provides a convenient and quiet working environment for team meetings or brainstorm sessions.

What equipment is included by default with the meeting pods?
The Camden meeting pods are ideal for open-plan offices. They come fully equipped with a charging station (socket and USB ports), natural colour LED lighting and a silent ventilation unit which takes care of the air circulation. These meeting pods are also equipped with a motion sensor so that light and ventilation are automatically controlled to save power. The meeting pods also come with two soft benches and extra thick working tables. Comfort, sustainability and all that!
How are the Camden Meeting Pods assembled?

Our Camden pods take about 1-2 hours to assemble. In most cases, assembly is included in the price so our team will take care of everything. In case you want to self-assemble the pods or we can’t provide assembly in your region, instructions and support will be provided to make sure you can safely set up the booths in your open-plan office.

Are meeting pods suitable for use in small and large office spaces?
Maximising your office space is critical, and at MEAVO, we understand this better than anyone. Our meticulously designed meeting pods are crafted to make the most out of every inch of your workspace, whether you’re in a large enterprise office or a smaller workspace. Our innovative meeting booths offer a world-class soundproof environment, without compromising on comfort or space. With a focus on packing as many features as possible into our compact design, you can enjoy the benefits of a spacious meeting room, even in the tightest of spaces. No matter the size of your office, MEAVO has the perfect solution to ensure that you can utilise every corner of your available space effectively.
How much does a meeting pod cost?
Our mission at MEAVO is to ensure that every workspace has access to flexible working conditions. That’s why we’ve created the Camden Two and Four, giving offices around the world a creative space to host meetings and work from unique office meeting pods. We wanted to do this without breaking the bank, making sure that businesses could access these phenomenal spaces for less. That’s why we’ve kept our prices as low as possible, providing office meeting booths that are rich with features while still being cost-effective.
What are the best booths on the market?

MEAVO is the preferred choice for affordable office phone booths and meeting pods. Our acoustic office pods offer a wide range of features that are designed to help your employees make the most of their time in the office. When you choose MEAVO, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best value for your investment. Our acoustic office pods offer an unparalleled experience that maximises productivity and minimise distractions. 

Check out our office phone booths and meeting pods comparison guide.

What are the benefits of meeting pods?
We believe that every employee deserves a designated workspace where they can collaborate. Our convenient booths are designed to be comfortable and equipped with all the amenities your team needs for meetings and collaborative sessions. By offering a set location for silent working, your employees can increase their output and feel happier at work. Our commitment to making offices better places starts with making your employees feel great. With our office meeting pods, you can transform your workspace into a productive and comfortable environment that empowers your team to do their best work.
Does my company need a meeting pod?

In today’s evolving workspace, a meeting pod can significantly enhance your office environment by providing a private, soundproof space for meetings. For collaborative work, our meeting booths Camden Two and Camden Four, provide an ample space for your teams to brainstorm and innovate together.

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