When it comes to office design, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is how many phone booths and meeting pods to include. These pieces of furniture can help improve productivity and collaboration among your employees. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of phone booths and meeting pods and help you decide how many you need for your office!

Consider the number of employees

The first thing to take into consideration when deciding how many phone booths or meeting pods your office needs is the size of your team. The more employees you have, the more office phone booths and meeting pods you will require (now that was some rocket science). Unfortunately, there is no formula or rule of thumb, as there are a few more factors which will influence your decision-making. We will explore these below.


Office phone booth

The job functions of your employees

While it is important to consider the number of office phone booths or meeting pods you need based on the size of your team, it’s also crucial to think about each individual person’s job functions. For example, if a large percentage of your workforce is made up of salespeople who spend most of their time on the phone, then you will require more phone booths to keep noise levels down while offering them some privacy and confidentiality.

However, if most of the salespeople are on the road visiting clients, then you may need fewer. Similarly, some Customer Service agents might be on the phone all day (a phone booth would come in really handy here!) while others primarily answer emails and hence might not require an office pod. Others might crunch numbers all day or work on designing the perfect product, requiring little interaction with other employees. In this case, meeting pods might not be necessary.

The interactions between employees

As alluded to above, another factor is how much employees interact with each other. This is where we differentiate between the type of pods, whether you require phone booths, focus pods or meeting rooms. If many employees work on their own focusing on a specific project, then they might need a privacy pod such as our Soho Workstation where they are undisturbed working for several hours. If there is a lot of collaboration amongst smaller groups, then a few meeting pods will come in handy. And for those who are often on the phone or join online meetings, a phone booth will be the right choice.

How many of your employees work from the office vs. from home

A final factor to consider is how many of your employees work from the office vs. from home. If most of your team works remotely and only comes into the office occasionally, then you will need fewer phone booths or meeting pods to accommodate them when they are in the office. However, if a significant number of your team members come into the office day after day, then you will require more phone booths or meeting pods to meet their needs.

When deciding how many phone booths and meeting pods to include in your office design, there are many factors to consider. If you need any help making this decision, our team at MEAVO is happy to provide you with expert advice and guidance.