In order to facilitate more flexible working conditions, workspaces around the world are turning toward open office policies. Beyond just helping to engender collaboration, the movement to open office plans has created a more social workspace. By supplementing these open spaces with office phone booths for deep work, workplaces can reap the benefits without compromising on work quality or concentration levels.

Open office spaces come with a range of benefits for workplaces, helping create a space perfect for collaboration, teamwork, and creativity. Yet, these open spaces also erode privacy, making it difficult for workers to find a quiet location to concentrate on their work. At present, only around 11% of workers are satisfied with their workplace environment, citing concentration issues, interruptions, and lack of flexible workstations as their primary concerns. 

In order to overcome this setback of open office spaces, many workspaces are turning to office phone booths. In this article, we’ll explore the world of office phone booths, touching upon the unique benefits that businesses around the globe are beginning to experience. We’ll cover how office phone booths can:

  • Offer Privacy
  • Increase Workplace Productivity and Focus
  • Facilitate Flexible Working
  • Create Space for Teamwork and Collaboration

Let’s dive right in.

Office Phone Booth Benefits: Improved Privacy

One of the principal benefits of having office phone booths in an office is that they provide a private space for employees to work from. Although open office plan systems come with many social and collaborative benefits, the ability to retire into a soundproof space ensures that workers always have somewhere to go when they have a deadline to meet.

Privacy is hugely important in the workspace as it prevents employees from becoming distracted. While it may seem that a small conversation here and there won’t hurt, studies show that interruptions cause employees to commit twice as many errors and experience double the anxiety when working on a task.

This benefit of office booths cannot be overstated, providing everyone with a designated working space when they want to get away from the noise. 

Office Phone Booth Benefits: Productivity and Focus

Distractions are much more impactful in the workspace than they might seem. In total, the Telegraph suggests that around 60 hours each month of productive time are lost to workspace distractions. Especially as open offices have become more popular, these figures have only continued to rise.

Without a quiet space to get started with work and be able to enter a flow state, employees are bombarded with continual distractions that reduce productivity and tamper with focus. Lack of focus in the workplace is so extreme that around 10% of employees only achieve around 30 minutes of work during an entire shift.


Office phone booths are a sanctuary in the office, allowing employees to shut themselves away from all other distractions. Beyond just getting rid of distractions, these quiet designated workspaces help employees to increase their own productivity.

By helping employees to sustain focus for longer periods of time, this office phone booth benefit is extremely impactful on the overall productivity of your workforce.

Office Phone Booth Benefits: Flexible Working

In our era of flexible, remote, and hybrid working, employees are spending less time in the office than ever before. However, this shouldn’t mean that office workspaces decline in quality. According to studies by HR in Asia, 97% of employees regard the quality of their workspace as a reflection of their employer’s appreciation for their efforts.

In order to maintain a high-quality workplace, employers should focus on giving their employees the best possible amenities at work. To best complete work in a timely manner, employees need access to designated spaces where they can get their most pressing tasks done.

Office phone booths provide another faucet for flexible working, offering a unique space within the office that is simultaneously accessible yet private. These new spaces are highly effective in offices, as they allow employees to choose the environment they’d like to work in. By investing in office furniture and office workstations, employers show their workforce that they are invested in giving them the best possible workplace.

Office Phone Booth Benefits: Collaboration and Teamwork

When discussing the benefits of office phone booths, the majority focus on the individual: increased productivity, a private space for working, and a way of escaping distractions. Yet, not all office phone booths are designed for only one person. In fact, there are a number of effective workstations that provide ample room for two or more people.

Within these collaborative office phone booths, employees are able to escape the chaos of the office while also working in a team. These spaces can be highly efficient for collaboration, allowing a pair or small group to isolate themselves from the rest of the office and get started on a new project.

Collaboration and teamwork are benefits of office phone booths that are often overlooked. However, larger workspaces are an invaluable addition to an office and will help supplement singular office phone booths. As offices move to these more flexible working conditions, employees will have an apt environment for any form of work they’d like to conduct, whether that be alone, in a pair, or in a group.

Final Thoughts

Considering the number of hours that employees spend at work every single week, workspaces quickly become like second homes. If businesses don’t provide flexible workspaces that allow employees to conduct their best possible work, employee satisfaction, and productivity begins to suffer. 

By designing office spaces with flexible workspaces in mind, like office phone booths, employers are able to offer their employees the correct space for every possible situation. Whether a worker wants to settle into deep work or needs a private space to share ideas with a colleague, office phone booths are a wonderful option for all.

As the workplace revolution continues to surge onward, office phone booths are rapidly becoming a go-to choice for employers everywhere.

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