There are more and more coworking spaces opening up all over the world. Some cater best to tech companies as well as startups and are more casual, while others are better tailored for corporate users. Basically, there’s a coworking space for everyone and most of them are really good. But what makes a great coworking space?

Location and facilities

To be a great coworking space, first you need to cover the basics – great and easy to get to location, bright and cozy interior (a touch of domesticity helps a lot), super speedy WiFi, good amenities and, of course, flexible and fair membership options.

Very importantly, people want chill ‘third spaces’ where they can bring their laptop, chat, meditate, workout, or just eat some breakfast. This helps them get on with their work and they expect and need these spaces. They will go there when they feel like it and be annoyed and less productive without them.

Private and quiet spaces

Coworking spaces are open plan by design. They are built this way primarily to foster communication between workers (and yes, to save space too). However, phone calls and video conferences are a daily part of our work life and they can be distracting to everyone around.

A recent survey we conducted in the UK shows that 55% of office workers in the UK wish they had more private spaces to take a phone call or just to be able to concentrate on an important task.

That’s why it’s important to have quiet corners and even phone booths that cut out the noise. They can provide that much needed quiet spot for when members need to take a call, to concentrate on a project, or just to chill.

Some well equipped common space also utilise smart acoustic dividers that can create areas for quick meetings or conversations.

Make sure to read our extended article about the different types of office phone booths depending on your coworking space.

The people

This is the most basic and in the same time important point: care genuinely about your members. The best coworking spaces understand that they operate as much in the hospitality industry, as they do in the real estate one. The key difference is that, as such, they need to foster a community. Without the people, it would be just working, not co-working. And this takes effort. Just getting cool furniture and great coffee (even though the coffee in particular helps a lot!) it doesn’t mean that the members will always enjoy the space. Regular events, being present and supportive and showing genuine interest in the members are key to make them feel that they are part of the family.

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