Productivity is a word that the modern-day worker has become all too familiar with. Our generation is continually trying to optimize for productivity, using a range of systems and technologies to build the perfect working environment. However, the main problem lies in the fact that many workplaces are not conducive to deep work and focus.

In fact, productivity is so hard to achieve in the workplace that employees are only working for less than three hours of their eight-hour shift. If we compare the relative amount of GDP produced by an hour of work, we instantly see the economic impact of productivity in the workplace. Countries across the globe are losing $100s or even $1000s each day per distracted employee.


However, over the past few years, as technology has improved and knowledge about distractions has grown, workplaces have established a number of ways to boost productivity. One of the most effective ways of boosting productivity is by using office phone booths. They boost productivity as they offer a private space that is completely free of distractions.

Let’s explore this innovative use of the workspace and document exactly how office phone booths are increasing the productivity of the modern workplace.

How to Use Office Phone Booths for Focused Work

One of the most striking benefits of office phone booths is their ability to offer a completely private space. In modern offices, most employees are surrounded by others at all times, making it hard for them to get into the right headspace to focus. An office phone booth overcomes this problem, offering a sound-resistant location where employees can conduct focused work.

The vast majority of employees want a private space to work in, with 52% of survey participants citing their reason as escaping from unnecessary conversations with coworkers. Additionally, office phone booths allow for focused work as employees don’t have any distractions from their office. Employees are able to singularly concentrate on the work they need to get done that day.

Furthermore, the added flexibility that office phone booths bring helps to complement this, allowing employees to focus in private spaces when they want and return to a more casual level of work at their desk once they need a break.

How to Use Office Phone Booths for Collaborative Work

Office phone booths aren’t just a solitary pursuit. In fact, MEAVO offers office phone booths for 2-4+ people. These multi-person phone booths allow several members of a team to come together to work on projects in collaboration. Office phone booths are a fantastic environment for teamwork. They allow you to have the privacy and silence you need to crack on with your tasks.

It’s always a good idea to have a range of office phone booths available, with the ability to use a multi-person meeting pod increasing collaboration without decreasing productivity.


How to Set Up an Office Phone Booth for Productivity

There’s a reason that 86% of employees state that they need to work alone to achieve maximum productivity. Quite simply, offices are full of distractions, with most modern office layouts only causing further distractions to occur. If we’re able to overcome the urge to scroll through social media, check our emails for the 10th time that hour, or shop online, we could still be distracted at any moment by other coworkers.

Office phone booths provide a direct escape from this possibility, reducing the chance of distractions happening in the workplace. Once a single distraction occurs, it can take 23 minutes for an employee to concentrate again. Office phone booths radically change this dynamic, decreasing distractions and boosting productivity.

How to Maximize Workplace Efficiency Using an Office Phone Booth

It’s undeniable that office phone booths contribute to an effective workplace, providing employees with a useful location to get their best work done. While the space itself does promote better working conditions, you can follow some best practices to boost efficiency even further.

Here’s how employees can maximize workplace efficiency and productivity when using an office phone booth:

  • Avoid Personal Distractions: Alongside office chatter, mobile phones, social media, and emails are some of the biggest workplace distractors. In order to create a productive pod working environment, it’s a good idea to silence your phone and turn off notifications.
  • Use Focus Techniques: Techniques like Time Blocking or the Pomodoro Technique.
  • Focus on Single Tasks: Multi-tasking is one of the least effective ways that you can manage your schedule. Focus on one task at a time, as this will allow you to move through your to-do list more efficiently.

How Do Office Phone Booths Contribute to Reducing Noise and Distractions in the Workplace

Office phone booths are sound-resistant, meaning that they dampen any office noise for employees inside the pod. Not only does this reduce the amount of background chatter, street noise, and general workplace traffic that employees experience, but it also protects them from any employees that want to stop by and chat.

While open offices have numerous benefits when it comes to sharing a social space, this format also makes interrupting other employees much easier. You can simply stop by someone’s desk and start a conversation, taking their attention away from the task they’re currently on.

Office phone booths protect employees from this main cause of distraction. After all, an employee is less likely to stop outside a pod, open the door, and then interrupt you, rather than just pass by at your desk. The additional steps required to get in contact with someone in an office pod reduce the likelihood of this common distraction from occurring.


Final Thoughts

Office phone booths are phenomenal pieces of modern office infrastructure, ones that help to radically boost productivity in the workplace. From escaping distractions to providing a quiet workspace for effective working, office phone pods are invaluable tools that every workspace should have.

If your workplace wants to boost productivity, increase the effectiveness of collaboration, and decrease distractions, then office phone booths are the solution for you.

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