Demo Video & Soundproofing

We’re not the best at making product demo videos. That’s because we focus all our energy on making awesome office phone booths. Engineered by leading acoustic experts and built with durable German materials, our booths provide privacy when needed.

Please turn up the volume to experience the soundproofing.

“For me, I did do a bit of research on the market, and the quality of yours was staggeringly high.


Dominic, Dottes Desks

People used to occupy a whole meeting room to make a call. Now they just go into the booth.


Ella, Zinc Co-working

“The booth is probably the most used piece of furniture in our co-working!”


Petya, Puzl Coworking

Looking for the ultimate office phone booth? Check out our Soho model, a fully equipped premium booth, and the Hoxton, an affordable solution for tight spaces.

The Soho

The ultimate office phone booth. Fully equipped with all the gadgets you need for all day use. Available in any colour you like at no extra charge. Free delivery & assembly (M25).

The Hoxton

Great fit for tight spaces. Just mount it to the wall for the occasional quick call in a quiet place. Quick and easy self-assembly.